GSEFM Seminar (PhD)

Instructor: Florian Hett

This seminar regularly takes place in the winter term and is taught entirely in English. Usually it takes place at the Westend campus of Goethe University Frankfurt.

Based on a series of recent papers, the seminar discusses varying topics within a broader research area. After presenting papers, students are encouraged to develop a research idea in the respective area and present it in class. To earn credit, students need to also submit a written research proposal.

Winter term 2021-22: Behavioral Measurement

First meeting Thursday, October 21, 8:30, RuW 4.201 (Goethe University - Campus Westend)

This seminar deals with empirical methods measuring individual economic characteristics, preferences, and beliefs, thereby making them subject to an explicit empirical analysis.

Students shall

  • become acquainted with using experimental approaches as measurement tools,
  • get exposed to the broad variety of existing tools,
  • study applications using these tools to provide new perspectives on economic problems,
  • think themselves about new measures and/or new applications for their own research.

The seminar is particularly suited for students with an interest in behavioral economics and empirical methods with a focus on experiments.

A list of available papers for presentation will be distributed in the first meeting.