The Behavioral Measurement Toolbox (BMT)


A standardized measurement instrument
and social science research community platform


The Behavioral Measurement Toolbox (BMT) addresses the lack of standardization and simplicity in behavioral measurement. The vision of the BMT is to allow measuring preferences through incentivized, controlled decisions without requiring programming knowledge or own IT infrastructure, and with just a few clicks, while maintaining transparency and comparability to previous and future studies. It thereby aims to (i) make behavioral measurement an effective research tool for the quantitative social sciences as a whole by facilitating its implementation in own research, as well as (ii) increase the accessibility of other researchers’ work.

BMT will serve the role of a research platform coordinating decentralized research efforts and aggregating insights surrounding behavioral measurement. BMT will include a publicly accessible database automatically tracking the implementation choices of researchers to make behavioral measurement more transparent, inform future implementations, and mitigate publication bias.

Link: The Behavioral Measurement Toolbox (BMT)