Recommendation Letters

We are happy to provide you with a letter of recommendation (report) in case of appropriate performance.

Please send us the following information and documents by e-mail:

  • Purpose of the report (e.g. application for a scholarship)
  • Name of the courses you have taken with us as well as your respective grades
  • Letter of motivation or description of the project for which the report is to be used
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Current academic record (Jogustine)
  • Contact person, institution and address to which you would like us to send the report (we always send reports directly to the institution in question an never hand them personally to students)
  • In which form we should send the report (by post and/or e-mail)
  • Deadline by which the report must be submitted to the institution
  • Format template for the report (if available)

Please allow for the fact that we need some time for the preparation process. The above-mentioned documents must therefore be submitted about 30 days before the application's deadline.

Contact: Tanya Hay (e-mail)